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Last updated: 04/18/18

To better serve our customers and demonstrate our continued support we are supplying the following training materials below. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  Avaya Telephones        Aura Messaging Services
     9611 Quick Reference Guide           Getting Started Guide
  Video 9611 Phone Training (Video: ASF)           Basic Brochure
  YouTube Video 9611 Phone Training (Video: YouTube)                Video Aura Basic Video. (MP4, WMV)
     9400 Quick Reference Guide           Olympia Campus
  BM-12 Installation Guide                Video Aura Voicemail for WA State Govt. (Video: MP4, WMV)
  Template                YouTube Video Aura Voicemail for WA State Govt. (Video: YouTube)
  Quick Notes                Aura Messaging Setup for Outlook
  Video 9404/9408 Basic Video (Video: MP4)                Aura Messaging for Windows Outlook 2010
                   Aura Messaging for Windows Outlook 2013
                   Aura Messaging for Windows Outlook 2016
  Video 9404/0408 Basic Video (Video: WMV)                Aura User Preferences
  YouTube Video 9408 Phone Training (Video: YouTube)      Audix
     6400 Quick Reference Guide           Basic Brochure
     2410 Quick Reference Guide      Call Pilot
     2420 Quick Reference Guide           Call Pilot Voice Mail Map
  Digital Telephone Quick Reference           Call Pilot Quick Reference Card 4.0
     302 Console Quick Reference Guide           Call Pilot Quick Reference Card 2.0
  Console Operations           Kennewick Call Pilot User Guide
Nortel Telephones        Integra
     3900 Quick Reference Guide           Getting Started with Integra’s Web Message Guide
     3904 Quick Reference Guide           Voice Mail Instructions Guide
     2006 Quick Reference Guide           Auto Attendant Guide
     2008 Quick Reference Guide           Users Voice Messaging Guide
     2616 Quick Reference Guide      Octel
  Analog           Octel Reference Guide
  ACD Quick Reference             Caller ID
     Avaya ACD Quick Reference             Expanding Local Dialing
     Supervisor Assist and Observe             ONS (One Number Service) EC-500
     Nortel ACD Quick Reference             WebEx Rate Reductions
     CMS Training    
     IP Agent    
Soft Phones    
     Avaya one-X Agent    
     Avaya one-X Communicator    
     Avaya one-X Communicator Quick Set up    
     Avaya one-X Communicator User Reference    
     Avaya one-X Communicator Release 6.1    
Web Ex    
     Internet Link  How do I Videos    
     Internet Link  Knowledge Base Support    
     Scheduling & Hosting Guide    
     How to Establish Audio Conferencing Codes    
     How to Pull Usage Reports    
     Productivity Tools Setup