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No later than July 1, 2017, WaTech will begin implementing its new approach to procuring network services to meet its goals of expanding access to vendors, increasing speed to installation for circuits, harmonizing contract management across all vendors, increasing flexibility for upgrades and other technical needs.

Any vendor interested in selling goods/services within scope of the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) and related Technical Addendums may participate in our procurements once both the Vendor and WaTech have signed the MSA and the applicable Technical Addendums.

The first Technical Addendum is for Wireline Ethernet. WaTech will no longer use the pool of pre-approved vendors, but instead, will send bids to any vendors with a signed MSA and Technical Addendum for the service being procured.  This approach will increase competition, as anyone who signs the MSA can participate in the bidding process.

After the Wireline Ethernet, WaTech will work on Addendums for services such as:

  • Fixed Wireless
  • Broadband/ local internet access
  • Wavelength DWDM
    • DSS
    • OC
    • T1
  • Dark Fiber
  • SIP
  • Centrex
  • Enterprise ISP

Please review a copy of the Master Service AgreementWireline Ethernet Addendum and Fixed Wireless Technical Addendum.  If you are interested in establishing an MSA with CTS for bidding, please contact Susan Steele, Senior Contract Specialist, at  Susan will work with you to assign you a contract number, issue you the MSA along with instructions on how to complete the document,  and will work you on countersignatures.

Please note, you will not be able to bid on any procurements released under this MSA/Technical Addendum until you have returned your signed copy.  In the event you bid on a procurement released under this without a signed MSA, your bid will be disqualified.