Policy Title Number Sort descending Chapter Download Type
IT Investments Approval and Oversight Procedure 121.PR Now PM-01-01-PR Project Management Download Standards
Administrative and Financial System Investment Approval 122 Enterprise Architecture Download Policies
Managing Information Technology Projects 131 Project Management Download Policies
Critical Indicators of Project Performance (131 Appendix D) 131d Portfolio Management Download Guidelines
Project Quality Assurance 132 Now PM-03 Project Management Download Policies
Minimum Qualifications for Project Quality Assurance Providers 132.10 Now PM-03-01-S Project Management Download Standards
Minimum Project Quality Assurance Activities - Readiness Assessment (Standard) 132.20 Now PM-03-02-S Project Management Download Standards
Minimum Project Quality Assurance Activities 132.30 Now PM-03-03-S Project Management Download Standards
Principles of Quality Assurance Guideline 132a Now PM-03-01-G Project Management Download Guidelines
Securing Information Technology Assets 141 Security Download Policies
Audit and Accountability Standard 141.1- (1.5d-1.6) NOW SEC-09 Security Download Policies
Securing Information Technology Assets Standards (Parts Rescinded) 141.10 Security Download Standards
Risk Assessment Standard 141.10 (1.2-1.3) Now SEC-11-01-S Security Download Standards
IT Security and Privacy Awareness Training Policy 141.10 (1.4, 2.1, 4.5) NOW SEC-03 Security Download Policies
Acceptable Use Policy 141.10 (2.10) Now USER-02 End User Download Policies
Physical and Environmental Protection Policy 141.10 (3) NOW SEC-07 Security Download Policies
Data Classification Standard 141.10 (4.1) Now SEC-08-01-S Security Download Standards
Data Sharing Policy 141.10 (4.2) Now SEC-08 Security Download Policies
Encryption Standard 141.10 (4.3,4.4) Now SEC-08-02-S Security Download Standards
Configuration Management Standard 141.10 (5.1.1, 5.6.2) Now SEC-04-03-S Security Download Policies